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Wikis are one of the greatest tools of the second generation of Web resources, commonly known as Web 2.0 tools. As the use of the Internet has grown, we as users of the Web have evolved into a more interactive, collaborative user. Hence, we are no longer just passive consumers, we are collaborative contributors as well. One no longer has to be a geek or a socially networked teenager or a passive surfer to understand the community driven aspect of the free, interactively rich resources of the Web. Wikis are just one of these interactively rich tools.

Wiki is derived from Hawaiin origin "wiki-wiki" which means "quick". Thus, a wiki should be thought of as a quick reference tool; similar in thought to an encyclopedia. One of the main issues regarding the use of wikis is that most wikis found on the Web are open to the public for contributions. Thus, much of what is posted is thought to be plagarized, inaccurate, or just simply unreliable information. However, in a educational setting where all members of an LE are contributing their knowledge as they learn their content, wikis can prove to be a very developmentally rich, collaborative learning environment for all participants. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to publish and disseminate understanding all the while creating a supportive community for learning.
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